Grievance Handling

Lodging a Complaint or Grievance

If you feel as though you have been unjustly treated or that a member of our staff, student community or other affiliates have in any way acted in a manor that is beyond our code of conduct then you may seek to have this reviewed and actioned by our administration.

Reasons for Complaints & Grievances

A reason may include:

  • A situation where you feel an assessment's outcome has been incorrectly marked or graded
  • Any form of harassment, rude, or morally unfitting behavior
  • Unfair treatment from a member of our training community

We welcome complaints and grievances and promote the importance of actioning concerns in a timely manor.

Methods for Reporting

You can report your complaint by downloading, completing and submitting the complaints and grievances application form below or by contacting our administration team on 1300 659 557.

Download Complaints and Grievances Form

Complaints and Grievances Application Form

Complaints and Grievances Policy

You can review out Complaints and Grievances policy by visiting our parent training organisation's website.

The Institute of Training and Further Education - Complaints and Grievances

Last Updated on Tuesday, 12 May 2015

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